NEW!  I recently moved to the Northern California coast.  This place is awesome and I want to try out sharing it with you.  Are you planning on visiting Mendocino?  Add my workshop to your schedule with a private workshop.  Find out more here.

I love participating and leading lampworking workshops!  If we haven't worked together yet, let's fix that!  Check my schedule to see when I'll be in your area then contact me to set a date for private instruction, a demonstration, a presentation or a trunk show.  For more information on workshops, check out pdf files with full descriptions including class outlines and supply lists:

Enamel workshops      ~     Stringer workshops



October 8/9th &10/11th ~ Enamel classes at Blue Moon Glassworks - Austin, TX

November 27-28 ~ Excellent Enamel Adventure Workshop (with Margaret Zinser), Arrow Springs - Sacramento(ish), CA


Feb 26-27 ~ Stringer workshop, Glasscraft - Golden, CO

March 12-13 ~ Joy of Stringer, Facet Design - Leende, Netherlands

March 15-16 ~ Enamel workshop, Facet Design - Leende, Netherlands

March 26-27 ~ Enamel workshop, ASGB - Tempe, AZ

June ~ Bead & Button Show - Milwaukee, WI

September 5-8 ~ Joy of Stringer & Enamel class, The Mandrel - Redondo Beach, CA

October 15-16, Enamel class, Hot Shop Art Center and Midwest Lampwork Guild - Omaha, NE