Free straight-line stringer tutorials for your pleasure!


I wrote these tutorials to answer frequently asked questions and earn some extra income (yes, even though they are free I am really hoping for your donations).  I'm sure you'll see that I put a great deal of effort into this project hoping that you will discover the tutorials, learn something valuable, donate based on the value you find, and perhaps be inspired to purchase some of my work.  I appreciate any size contribution and/or purchase, your support is essential in my journey to keep learning, teaching about, and making glass objects.  Thank you for being part of my journey.  Thank you to everyone who helped put these tutorials together!

Each of the following tutorials demonstrates one specific stringer application that requires a number of different micro-skills.  The format of this tutorial collection is designed to divide stringer control into manageable skill sets by learning to conquer one line at a time.  Enjoy practicing each skill because practicing is the key to conquering the line!  (I highly recommend reading and following the Practice Tips section, it's my equivalent to a class on how to study.)  Five years after deciding to learn stringer I am still deep in the battle, every bead a practice opportunity.  I have a lot to learn still, but I've written what I have learned so far here.  These tutorials are written for use with soft glass (COE 80 and up) and designed to be useful at all skill levels. 


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Written and photographed by JC Herrell; Copywright, JC Herrell 2010

Free lampwork glass bead straight line fine string control tutorial.

Progress update: First three tutorials are done and linked below!  I'll  announce it tomorrow via newsletter, Facebook and LE.   ~ We